"When nothing sticks to you, you find an ability to create moment to moment adjustments to better serve whatever it is you are doing."

Hanz Kurdi

One-On-One Sessions

Highly focused individual training is for anyone willing and capable of going deep into the inner workings of their own reality to challenge every day belief, every concrete idea, and any innate behavior that has constructed their day to day programming. Breaking through these behaviors is not easy, but it is necessary for anyone wanting get past personal and professional obstacles to become better parents, lovers, friends, leaders, and humans. Hanz Kurdi has worked with people from all walks of life from all over the globe. He is a highly sought after coach for his individual sessions and  guarantees outcomes.

Group Sessions

Group training is focused on the collective wisdom and experiences of everyone through highly effective guided discussions while maintaining an open forum format for deeper exploration. Real life problems and obstacles will lead the discussions until unique and effective solutions are discovered and implemented. Every environment will be unique and every discussion will take that into consideration. The outcomes will be specific, actionable, and highly effective. 

Open Forum Q&A

Starting every discussion with audience questions. One of the best formats I have ever experienced to bring in the collaboration of the collective wisdom within each group. Each forum will encompass the concept of unlearning in all areas of life. People come with an obstacle in mind and leave with a solution in the forms of a perspective shift to that problem. As one opens to a collective form of solution excavation, the sky becomes the limit when finding answers and a personal deep shift always happens. 


"To truly love oneself is to truly live without judgement of others, with deep empathy for others, and unwavering acceptance of where people are."

Hanz Kurdi

Your power is yours! Learning to tell your story your way.

Hanz Kurdi launched his company in reaction to the formulaic methods and techniques being implemented by today's coaches, trainers and healers.


“The fluidity of each person to understand their own strengths relies heavily on them believing in their capabilities,” Hanz says. “It is my job to help each person understand their power and wisdom that already exists in them and guide them through a collaborative transformation. Our individual uniqueness can be evoked through this collaborative work.”

Each training course is specifically designed to focus on the needs of that individual or group, and is based on a combination of the following areas for effective self understanding and promotion.

Internal & External Massaging

Being very present and aware during self talk and external communication. Creating the proper messaging for self motivation, self promotion, and authentic self alignment that will help translate into better self expression in the workplace and personal spaces. Define your intentions, align with the appropriate emotions, and focused content  by understanding your audience, your tone, and your overall body language to deliver powerful and clear messaging to your audience. 

Unlearning Technique

Create your most authentic and optimized self. Learn how to unlearn all the things that no longer serve you today and help bring your best self forward. Become the story teller of your life as you become an expert in diverting negative self talk, rewiring engrained beliefs, and rewriting your history into a highly effective and actionable plan that is not only inspirational but will motivate you and those around you. This technique will help you craft your self story that will bring out your uniqueness to share with the world.

Servant Leadership Development

Master the art of giving to attain the highest forms of leadership. Set goals for yourself and for your team by understanding your strengths, areas of improvement, and implementing unlearning techniques to get over operational obstacles whether it be at work or at home. Gain new perspectives on old challenges and problems and find new lasting solutions. 

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