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Hanz is leading the way in the development and enhancement of leadership through a heart-centered lense. From my perspective of a Chief Officer of People at a rapidly scaling startup - one who also has a busy HR consulting business, I can tell you that Hanz's approach is priceless in today's complex and nuanced world. 


If you want to become your best self and leave a flight or flight mentality behind, if you want to do more with your life than just survive, you need a Hanz in your life that can support your complete expansion and growth, both intellectually and emotionally. 


Hanz is untethered to old fashioned or restrictive notions. Instead, he delves deeply into each client's perspective, background, and needs. He coaches them from their own internal compass, the only way coaching should be done. Most coaches and consultants in this space operate from a prescriptive application or theory, but this is not a one size fits all solution. What often happens then is that CEO's, founders and business owners move from coach to coach, seeking something they never find - understanding, nourishment and real strategies to be successful in life and business. You have the good fortune of having located the one person that may change your life for the better, this is an introduction to begin. - Jabu Dayton - Chief Officer of People and Inclusion @ Abstract

Hanz Kurdi is the sort of person who could inhabit every second of your life, and you wouldn't mind.  He brings joy, love, perspective, wisdom, fun, and deep humility, making him a pleasure to be around.  I got to know Hanz first professionally, then personally, and he is consistent and present, regardless of the context.  Once you meet him, you feel like you've known him forever. - Ken Harootunian, Vice President of Development @ Planned Parenthood

Hanz has a miraculous ability to know exactly what I need to hear when I'm facing adversity and am too much in my own head. Recently, he helped me see that some of my fears were, in fact, strengths. I've changed my mindset from fear to confidence, and from scarcity to abundance. Since then, I've been connecting with more friends than ever; I feel happy and confident, and even landed my dream job. It's amazing how much you can grow when you allow yourself to be taught. - Sarah Zuhlsdorf, Design and Marketing @ BeyondHQ

Over the past decade, I've partnered with many life- and career-coaches, but my work with Hanz has without a doubt been the most life-altering experience, one that has transformed me in a very profound and heartfelt way. Besides Hanz’ personable demeanor, he possesses a uniquely high level of emotional intelligence and awareness that allows him to connect quickly and effectively with his clients in order to help them discover and actualize the true meaning of their lives -- professionally and personally. I encourage everyone who's seeking for a deeper understanding of themselves to give Hanz a try. You won't regret it! - Wouter Vermeulen, Chief Talent Officer @ The Vermeulen Group

The first time I had the pleasure of meeting Hanz was sitting outside a cafe in the beautiful city of San Francisco. I cannot recall what we discussed or for how long we delighted in each other's company, but I can say that from the moment we started talking I felt energized, lighter in my Being, clearer of my gifts and purpose, and able to see myself in a way I hadn't been able to before. And this happens each and every time I have the privilege of speaking with this man. Hanz has an innate ability to see others clearly as they are and put into words that which he is experiencing and seeing. His presence is one of pure love and light. His ability to listen for and hear what is not being said is a true gift. I always feel seen, heard, and loved by Hanz as he serves as a safe witness and mirror for me to be myself fully and completely and reflect that back to me in ways that fill my Being with joy. Anyone who desires to see themselves more clearly for who they truly are and feel inspired to live that more fully in this world would be blessed to have Hanz in his or her life. - Amanda Johnson, Author of Becoming Enough: A Heroine's Journey to the Already Perfect Self & Founder @ Awaken Village Press

Hanz Kurdi has a genuine ability to connect with people, he humanizes complexities and the abstract of corporate speak to tailor to the needs of the people, organizations truly want to invest in. Hanz brings a truly transformative perspective with practical solutions to developing People Culture so many talk about about, but never truly prioritize. Darren Quimbao, Director of Human Resources @ A³ by Airbus

Speaking with Hanz feels like coming home. His words and presence have a deep resonance in my heart space that connect me to a greater sense of True Self. It's through this deeper connection that Hanz's poetry, truth, illumination pierce my veils of ego, fear, and separation to show me just what I need to see in order to wake up out of my delusion. I don't feel any judgement in our conversations, which allows us to be vulnerable and authentic and real. And ultimately all of this swimming in the depths of the heart and soul with Hanz leave my feeling a deep sense of peace and joy for the miracle that is life and our small perspective of it for this short lifetime.   I'm so grateful for Hanz in his gift of friendship, love, advice, perspective, listening, big Bear hugs, laughs, and radiant joy. Thank you Hanz, I love you! - Julia Zasyatkina, Yogi & Global Instructor

To say that working with Hanz has been transformational for my career, relationships, and self-awareness, is a polite understatement. 12 years and counting, Hanz's experiential tutelage gave me some of my most important lessons. His instructional repertoire, emotional depth, spiritual prowess, and sagacious wit make him a beautifully caring yet powerful force for betterment. Conventional and avant garde, direct and subtle, Hanz's methods may vary, but he always has your best interests in mind and at heart. Being a serial entrepreneur and a CEO, and having lived and worked across continents, I can confidently say that Hanz's personality, capabilities, and experience are on par with the best of the best global leaders and motivators. I wholeheartedly wish more of the world gets to experience the all-encompassing tour de force that is Hanz. There are few if any truly transformative changemakers one gets to encounter and experience in one's life. Work with Hanz, and you'll have worked with one. - Madhu Chamarty, Founder & CEO @ BeyondHQ

Hanz Kurdi is a phenomenal friend, a stellar coach and a warm and compassionate human being. Hanz' insights and perspectives on life and human relationships are elevating and uplifting. I cherish his presence in my life. I am certain that anyone who engages with Hanz will be treated to a pleasant and inspiring experience. - Dr. Rochelle Suri, LMFT

Hanz is pure light. Every time you speak with him you feel like you’ve known him all your life. He doesn’t just feel familiar, he feels like he has been a true friend. The amount of positive energy he shares with his clients and students flows like a waterfall lifting you off the ground and pushing you through all areas of your life. Every time I have a conversation with Hanz, I leave feeling like I just finished reading the most amazing book. I get a taste of adventure, the comfort of friendship, and deep inspiration that invigorates my thinking and makes me want to act right away.  Hanz has a gift that brings out the magic in people to truly believe in themselves. I am so grateful for our time together. - Katarina Anisimova, Business Development Advisor @ Fashion Tech Startup

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